1. New approach to production of basic perfluoromonomers – environmentally safe and more effective economically.

Currently, the whole world produces tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene from chloroform:


We offer electrochemical fluorination of acrylic and methacrylic acid esters with subsequent decarboxylation of obtained acid fluorides:


Obviously, that in theory there is no waste in this process (dimethyl carbonate is produced in the world in quantity 10s thousand tons); raw material is twice more expensive then chloroform, but the demand is three times lower. Realization of obtained dimethyl carbonate makes the process free with respect to starting material. This process is more efficient energetically and in products purification.

It is required: R&D, development project and organization of production of fluoroplasts > 10 ths. T/year and perfluoropropylene > 100 T/year.

2. We offer a convenient isolation technology of fluorine from waste SiF4.

By production of phosphorous fertilizers from fluorapatites (which contents 3,8% wt. of F, and fluorapatites themselves in Russia, only in Khibiny are quarried in quantities 15 mln T/year) 15⋅106 T ⋅ 3,8⋅10-2 = 570 ths T/year (F) are used for SiF4:


We offer an easy isolation process of fluorine from this waste:


The process is non-waste, as products: metal fluorides (some of them can be reprocessed in HF, and some can be used as fluoride) and high-purity SiO2 (additional purification through SiF4) are obtained. The technology is extremely easy and can be applied in every plant with low-level of technology.

It is required: R&D, development project and organization of production.